2018 Manager of the Year Ballots

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Voter Lg 1st 2nd 3rd
AJ Cassavell NL Counsell Snitker Black
Alyson Footer AL Melvin Cora Hinch
Andre C. Fernandez NL Counsell Snitker Black
Benjamin Hochman NL Snitker Counsell Maddon
Bernie Wilson NL Snitker Counsell Black
Beth Harris NL Snitker Black Counsell
Brian Golden NL Snitker Shildt Black
Brian McTaggart AL Melvin Hinch Cora
Bruce Levine NL Maddon Counsell Snitker
Bryan Hoch AL Cora Melvin Cash
Byron Kerr NL Snitker Black Counsell
Charles Odum NL Snitker Counsell Black
Chris Cwik AL Melvin Cora Cash
Daniel Brown AL Melvin Cash Cora
Dave Skretta AL Cora Cash Boone
Dejan Kovacevic NL Counsell Snitker Shildt
Drew Olson NL Counsell Black Snitker
Eddie Matz NL Counsell Black Snitker
Eno Sarris AL Cash Melvin Cora
Evan Woodbery AL Melvin Cora Cash
Ian Harrison AL Melvin Cora Cash
Jack Etkin NL Snitker Counsell Black
Jack Magruder NL Snitker Counsell Black
Janie McCauley NL Snitker Counsell Black
Jen McCaffrey AL Cora Melvin Cash
Jim Salisbury NL Snitker Counsell Black
Joe Kay NL Counsell Snitker Black
Joe Ostermeier NL Snitker Black Counsell
John Shea NL Black Snitker Counsell
Jonah Keri NL Counsell Snitker Black
Jorge Ebro NL Snitker Counsell Black
Ken Davidoff NL Counsell Black Snitker
Kevin Sherrington AL Cora Melvin Cash
Laura Armstrong AL Melvin Cora Cash
Marc Topkin AL Melvin Cash Cora
Maria Guardado AL Melvin Cora Cash
Maria Torres AL Melvin Cora Cash
Mark Bowman NL Snitker Counsell Black
Matt Snyder NL Counsell Snitker Roberts
Matthew Ehalt NL Counsell Snitker Black
Nobuhiro Saito AL Melvin Hinch Boone
Pat Caputo AL Melvin Cash Cora
Pat Reusse AL Cash Melvin Cora
Patrick Borzi AL Melvin Cora Cash
Peter Caldera AL Cora Melvin Cash
Richard Morin NL Snitker Shildt Counsell
Rob Bradford AL Cora Melvin Cash
Roch Kubatko AL Melvin Cash Cora
Ron Cook NL Snitker Counsell Black
Ryan Lewis AL Cash Melvin Cora
Sahadev Sharma NL Snitker Counsell Black
Scot Gregor AL Melvin Cash Cora
Stefan Stevenson AL Cora Hinch Melvin
T.J. Zuppe AL Cash Melvin Cora
TJ Cotterill AL Melvin Cora Cash
Todd Rosiak NL Counsell Snitker Black
Todd Zolecki NL Snitker Counsell Black
Tom Jones AL Melvin Cora Cash
Tony Andracki AL Melvin Cora Hinch
William Lloyd Ladson AL Cash Melvin Cora