2014 Manager of the Year Ballots

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Voter Lg 1st 2nd 3rd
Alex Speier AL Showalter Scioscia McClendon
Ann Killion NL Williams Hurdle Bochy
Anthony Andro AL Showalter Yost McClendon
Benjamin Hochman NL Hurdle Bochy Mattingly
Bill Center NL Williams Matheny Mattingly
Bob Hunter NL Williams Hurdle Mattingly
Bob Klapisch NL Williams Mattingly Hurdle
Bryan Burwell NL Williams Matheny Bochy
Chad Jennings AL Showalter McClendon Scioscia
Chris Jenkins NL Bochy Roenicke Hurdle
Dan McGrath NL Hurdle Williams Matheny
Dave Cameron NL Hurdle Redmond Mattingly
Dave Skretta AL Showalter Yost Scioscia
David Coleman AL Showalter Scioscia Yost
Doug Padilla AL Scioscia Showalter Yost
Gene Collier NL Williams Hurdle Mattingly
Jason Mastrodonato AL McClendon Showalter Scioscia
Jeff Fletcher AL Showalter Scioscia Francona
Jenn Menendez NL Williams Hurdle Bochy
Jerry Brewer AL Showalter McClendon Yost
Jesse Rogers NL Williams Hurdle Collins
Jill Painter Lopez NL Hurdle Williams Mattingly
Jim Alexander AL Scioscia Showalter McClendon
Jim Caple AL Showalter McClendon Scioscia
Jim Henneman AL Showalter Scioscia Girardi
John Lowe AL Showalter Yost McClendon
Jon Heyman NL Hurdle Williams Redmond
Jon Paul Morosi AL Showalter Scioscia McClendon
Jorge Ortiz AL Showalter McClendon Yost
Jose de Jesus Ortiz AL Showalter Scioscia McClendon
Katsushi Nagao AL Showalter Scioscia Yost
Kevin Cooney NL Hurdle Matheny Bochy
Kevin Sherrington AL Showalter Scioscia McClendon
Luis Rangel NL Redmond Hurdle Bochy
Marc Lancaster NL Williams Hurdle Redmond
Marc Topkin AL Showalter McClendon Yost
Mark Purdy AL Scioscia Yost Melvin
Matthew Ehalt NL Williams Bochy Redmond
Michael Hunt NL Hurdle Williams Matheny
Mike Harrington AL Showalter Yost Scioscia
Octavio Sequera NL Williams Matheny Hurdle
Paola Boivin NL Williams Hurdle Mattingly
Pat Reusse AL Showalter Scioscia McClendon
Patrick Saunders NL Williams Hurdle Redmond
Paul Daugherty NL Williams Hurdle Mattingly
Paul Hoynes AL Showalter Yost Scioscia
Robert MacLeod AL Showalter Yost McClendon
Roch Kubatko AL Showalter Scioscia Yost
Roger Mooney AL Showalter Scioscia Yost
Ryan Fagan NL Bochy Williams Redmond
Scott Bordow NL Williams Redmond Bochy
Stan McNeal NL Williams Matheny Black
Stephanie Storm AL Showalter Yost Francona
Stephen Gross NL Hurdle Bochy Williams
Susan Shemanske NL Williams Hurdle Matheny
Thom Loverro NL Williams Hurdle Mattingly
Tim Kawakami NL Bochy Williams Hurdle
Tom Powers AL Showalter Yost Scioscia
Vahe Gregorian AL Scioscia Yost Showalter
Wallace Matthews AL Showalter Yost Scioscia